History of the Clan

The [4RTech] Clan was created on March 25, 2010. The purpose of creation was cooperative gameplay in Operation Flashpoint, a study of multiplayer maps creation and its features. Size of the Clan for those times was very modest - only four players, who was to become the leaders of the Clan by the name - Rise Squad [Elite of Trust].

For a long time [4RTech] Clan did not recruit additional people, conducting isolation policy, but in 2011 the situation had changed. Little by little, after preliminary interviews, new members were invited to the Clan. The selection was not based on skills of single or cooperative game, but based on the principle of trust the leadership to a new member.

The new member got into the White Squad and had to show his personal qualities in practice, after that this member or be a moved into the Black Squad or expelled from the Clan.

Despite the strict selection, there were almost no other requirements for our members. The rule was only one - not to use cheats and any other means that gave obvious advantages over other players. The [4RTech] Clan does not spend time on a trainings and do not require regular online, not participate in competitions and leagues (which at the time not been executed properly), in exchange giving all possible support our members, from technical assistance to protection from unfair accusations of cheats and bans.

In early 2011, the [4RTech] Clan had more than twenty members. That "loud" number was diminished by the lack of coordination in the squads. Many our members did not know each other and played, forming their small teams inside the Clan. However, all members of Rise Squad be a fully satisfied of this situation. The goal is cooperative gameplay, and nothing more.

The lack of need for constant "supervision" and control over the members allowed leaders of the Clan use their free time to study multiplayer maps creation and promote their own projects, missions and add-ons.

After 2011, count of members of the Clan began to go down. People start leaving from us for a variety of reasons - a general loss of interest in the game, a lack of organized games (someone was not happy with "free visiting system" accepted in the Clan), some members moved from us to other clan. Those who been seen in the using of cheats, immediately "left" the Clan.

Soon the [4RTech] Clan finally ceased to look like a gaming squad and turning into a community of multiplayer map makers and add-on makers, which, however, allowed themselves to enjoy the game from time to time... and not only in Operation Flashpoint. For this reason, all work progress in the Clan is impermanent. No schedules, timing and control - we are motivated only by pure enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge.

In 2020, the Clan celebrated a decade of its activity. Over the past time, many different events have occurred, people left and came, the clan concept has changed, various projects have been released, good and, maybe from a height of the past years, not so good. However, at present, our priorities remain - search for unique solutions, attention to detail, and highest quality result in any activity!

To be continued...