Rise Squad [Elite of Trust] - squad that belongs to the higher commanders. These people guide destiny of the [4RTech] Clan and solve many important issues. Only trusted people can join this squad, each of them can be trusted as yourself. Being in Rise Squad means taking responsibility for the Clan members and development, represent the Clan in gaming communities and find a solution to conflict situations. Ranks system of the Rise Squad [Elite of Trust]:

Rank Description
He gathered us and united. He has the right to solve the most exciting issues and take responsible decisions related to the activities of the Clan. He is our Leader - that says it all.
DEPUTY If necessary, replaces the Clan Leader at his post. Public Relations Specialist.
A person who has his own opinion, different from others and deserving attention.
TECH SPECIALIST A person with extensive technical knowledge.

First Squad - people who leaving from us for a variety of reasons. Our community will always remember their own and their contribution to the common cause. 

Black Squad - those members who pass the test of time and won our trust, moved in to the Black Squad. This is not necessarily specialists, but people who can be trust. People who hold on own shoulders the Clan and its reputation.