Projects List

To date, members of the Clan have done:

- 22 independent missions:

Period: 2010-2013

Name (Island) Authors Type Required Min. version Download
Break! (Noe) Lup [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech] MP - 1.96 16.3 mb,
[USSR] Server
[4RTech] [Convoy] Nogova v.1 (Noe) DieselGL [4RTech]
[4RTech] [tdm] Steal the Documents v1.03 (Noe) Seaman [4RTech]
[4RTECH]-[TDM]-SNIPERS (Noe) 4spirin [4RTech], Lup [4RTech]
[CoD] Capture the EDEN v.1.7 EN (Eden) DieselGL [4RTech]
[COOP] [REVIVE] AA HUNTERS v.1.2 (Eden) DieselGL [4RTech]
[4RTech] CounterAttack II (Abel) Lup [4RTech]
[4RTech] CounterAttack (Noe) Lup [4RTech]
Capture Houdan (Abel) Seaman [4RTech]
[4RTech] Line Of Fire (Noe) Lup [4RTech]
Trimming I (Cain) Lup [4RTech]
[4RTech] Trimming II (Noe) Lup [4RTech]
MISSION TYPE: DEFENCE (Abel) 4spirin [4RTech]
[4RTech] Mortal Combat v.1.3 [9/07/11] (Intro) DieselGL [4RTech]
NEW YEAR DM v.1.1 (Eden) DieselGL [4RTech]
[4rtech] Save/Destroy (Abel) Lup [4RTech]
Prisoner (Noe) Mr.Andry26 [4RTech]
[4RTech] Attack The Town (Noe) SasRus [4RTech]
[Coop] OilBase (Trinity) DieselGL [4RTech] ags_industrial_pack, trinity

Period: since 2018

[4RTech] FootBall (Demo) v.2 Lup [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech], _XeTeX_ [4RTech] MP - 2.00 8.3 mb
[4RTech] Defence Commander (Eden) Lup [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech], _XeTeX_ [4RTech],
Seaman [4RTech]
SP/MP *@RCWC mod for addon version 2.01 49.0 mb
[4RTech] Tactical Strike (Eden) Lup [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech], _XeTeX_ [4RTech],
Seaman [4RTech], Commandos
46.0 mb

- 5-series of RPG-mission "NogVille", and we manage regular games on own server:

[4RTech] NogVille v.5.6.8 (Noe) Lup [4RTech], DieselGL,
4spirin [4RTech],
_XeTeX_ [4RTech],
Seaman [4RTech]
MP - 2.01
[4RTech] NogVille v.5.5d (Noe) Lup [4RTech], DieselGL 1.96
[4RTech] NogVille v.5.3e (Noe) Lup [4RTech],
DieselGL [4RTech]
[USSR] Server
NogVille v.5.2b (Noe) Lup [4RTech]

- 7 addons and 1 pack:

Name Authors Type Required Min. version Download
MARK16 SCAR-L (LIGHT) - 5.56x45NATO BIS, 4spirin [4RTech] Addon - 1.96 19.8 mb
M240 Machine Gun 6.5 mb
PKP 6P41 "Pecheneg" 6.0 mb
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Red Storm Entertainment, 4spirin [4RTech] Weapon Pack 10.8 mb
Chromakey _XeTeX_ [4RTech], NERV Addon 1.9 mb
People's KrAZes v.2 _XeTeX_ [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech], Cantor, NERV, OFPman, Tiina M., ancel, PROSPORT, maks(XD), Tiamat_EA, VIRUS163, SeReG@, -Sapper-, Alex J., Serega_156, V1RU$, BIS, Avalon Style Entertainment, Павел Загребальный, Logos, ORCS, КОТ 30.4 mb
MLP Characters Pack KP-ShadowSquirrel, Seaman [4RTech] 7.2 mb
Toyota Mark II 70 Hardtop 4spirin [4RTech], _XeTeX_ [4RTech], Lup [4RTech] 2.01 38.5 mb

- 1 unofficial update Arma: CWA 1.99, 1 unofficial server for 1.96\1.99 and 2 unofficial downgrade to OFP: Resistance 1.96:

Ico Name Authors Type Min. OS Input Output Download
Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 (Original OFP:R) BIS, _XeTeX_ [4RTech], Seaman [4RTech], DieselGL Downgrade Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 1.99 1.96 7.5 mb + read Steam Installation guide,
7.5 mb
Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 ('Black Flashpoint') Windows 7, 8.1, 10 1.96 'Black'
Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 ('Black Server') Server 1.96\1.99 Server Also included in ^^^,
1.7 mb
ArmA Resistance 2.01 LE BIS, Seaman [4RTech], DieselGL, _XeTeX_ [4RTech], Lup [4RTech], Evus [4RTech], 4spirin [4RTech], SoldierEPilot, FOXlauncher, Killer14, TMG HK, General Barron, Codemasters, BUKA, Poweruser, crosire Update Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 (Dedicated server also adapted to GNU/Linux) 2.01 31.6 mb

41.7 mb Lite