Related Projects

The projects are mentioned on this page, received by the authors for ArmA Resistance 2.01 and approved by the Clan.

Project By Type Description Get
TZK IF SP/MP This is a mod and missions about CTI, naming TZK, which is developed basing on crCTI of XR missions, the irparaZ-@RES2C3C8. The XR missions is good in independence and rarely relying on mod, however the "addAction" and "addEventHandler" are insufficient due to their lacking of functionality. UserActions at least have radius and condition parameter although it doesn't pass the "caller".
There're many designs in mission setting recommend to experience. Many European players complained that in TZK missions AA are too strong (Chinese players are mostly opposite, they think plane too strong), and many players wish to play vanilla CTI without extra mod. The author has decoupled mostly EventHandlers and scripts with the mod, and editors can try by themselves to transplant TZK designs into their own CTI MPMissions. However, the author still remain many UserActions in TZK mod, since UserActions have radius and condition parameters, which are better than "addAction". This should be handled by editors when transplanting. Besides, since TZK MPMissions applied.
ArmAMonitor Modified basing on OFPMonitor, support 2.01, unsupport OFP:CWC and OFP:RES GitHub