The [4RTech] Clan has own a small network of web resources and servers, which is an additional confirmation of self-sufficiency and seriousness our work.

  • - the main web page of the Clan since December 2017.
    • (, - the [USSR] server was first haven of the Clan, from its very foundation. A short time was used [RU SERVER OFP] team. Since May 2018 moved to 2.01 version of the game and again is main server for the Clan.
      1. :2302 - 'PHOBOS' | No mods
      2. :2305 - 'DEIMOS' | Test server not permanently online, or for mods
      3. :9987 - TeamSpeak 3 Server
    • - the [4RTech] ArmA Resistance server for 2.01 version of the game, is main server of the Clan since Dec 2017 to May 2018.
    • ( - the PioneerNET CTI Server for 1.96, hosted by Nuller.
      1. :2302 - 1.96  | -mod=@80islands;@cti;@winter;@resv
      2. :9987 - TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • - this site created exclusively for the guild Adequate in the game Neverwinter Online. The site activity is frozen by the guild for unknown reasons...
  • - this is international site of the NogVille multiplayer mission project for ArmA Resistance 2.01 developed by the Clan.
  • - this is site of the NERV PRODUCTION STUDIO, closed.

* - was originally used by the NERV PRODUCTION STUDIO team, but at the moment the team is dismissed, and its leader is no more in OFP. Since on the same domain, first page of the Clan was located, it was decided to keep the domain, and fully use it in the interests of the Clan.